Exclusive 14-day online journey guided by Jacqueline Bambenek,
National and International Holistic Life and Wellness Coach.


    • Are you merely surviving in your life? Struggling through the day living a life of mediocrity instead of fulfillment?
    • Are you thinking about your dreams without pursuing them? Maybe you don’t even dream anymore?
    • Do you spend so much time taking care of others that you are suffering, lonely and have no support system of your own?

    Unleash Your Inner Sage
    June 23, 2019 - July 6, 2019
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    Is it time to ‘Unleash Your Inner Sage’?

    Create momentum toward the Life YOU want in 14 days
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    Imagine what you could do with:

    1. Direction for your dreams...
    2. Support to help create the life you want...
    3. A life where you are moving from surviving to THRIVING!
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    Invest in yourself and build momentum for your dreams!
    All it takes is 14 days to actualize access to supporting

    • Claim your inner sage to create the perfect opportunity to step into a community and let go of being a ‘lone wolf’
    • Our world needs YOU -- embracing and embodying joy in living

    This program and community will support you to find direction and build momentum to fulfill your dreams.

    Here's What You Can Expect over the 14-days

    STEP 1: Spiritual Direction

    • 30 Minute Private Discovery Call  - Setting intention by gaining clarity for your vision and align with what you’d like to create
    • Exercises on Self-awareness and Empowerment, get intimate with you, and develop focus for creating possibilities, letting go of painful past stories

    STEP 2: Community Connection

    • 2 - Weekly Live Video Group Calls - Discover strength in building deep connections
    • Team support is the best way to create impactful results

    STEP 3: Positivity in Living

    • 14 Days of Daily Voxer Support and Lifelong Access to Facebook Group - Activities to Support Positive Thoughts, Words, Behavior, and Beliefs - effective ways to realize progress in creating your life
    • Exercises to help empower you in choosing focus and direction

    STEP 4: Committed Vision and Action

    • Discover greater joy and fulfillment as you embrace your inner wisdom and follow your heart
    • Create a plan to take action promoting momentum forward and accountability for follow through on your goals
    • Exercises to strengthen your commitment to yourself and your vision
    • Private 30 Minute Vision Call to maintain further progress

    Follow YOUR Heart...
    Trust That YOU Know What YOU Know!

    Unleash YOUR Inner Sage is designed to support


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    June 23 - July 6, 2019

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